How To Edit Pages - Quickstart

Editing pages

If you are allowed to edit pages in this Site, simply click on the edit button at the bottom of the page. This will open an editor with a toolbar pallette with options.
Please add a short description of the changes you made.

Adding links

To create a link to a new page, use syntax: [[[new page name]]] or [[[new page name | text to display]]]. Follow the link (which should have a different color if page does not exist) and create a new page and edit it!

Links to existing pages can be made using the syntax: [[[existing page name]]] or [[[existing page name | text to display]]].

For adding hyperlinks to pages outside this Wiki use the URL link wizard.

Creating new pages

You can create a new page by inserting a link to the new page in an existing page. This method is preferred, because it makes sure the new page has a parent that links to it.

You can also enter a new pagename in the sidebar, and create the page from there. Please add a link to the new page somewhere else, or it will be orphaned.

And add a page tag to the page.

Wiki Syntax

Although creating and editing pages is easy, there are a lot more options that allow creating powerful pages. Please visit Documentation pages to learn more.

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